growl vocals
bass & vocals
lead guitars
rhythm guitars
keys & vocals

Deadsape are: Mirela Kaneva, Alexander Trifonov, Ivan Bratoev, Ani Dimitrova, Ivan Kolev and Edgar Monreal.

Deadscape is a six-piece melodic death metal band, founded in late 2015 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. What was originally a solo project by lead guitarist Ivan Bratoev, became a band with the arrival of bassist/clean vocalist Alexander Trifonov. The duo then started exchanging experience and ideas, drawing inspiration mainly from the Swedish and Finnish melodic death metal scene, and bands such as Insomnium, In Flames, Before The Dawn, Dark Tranquillity, etc. A few years and a lot of personnel changes later, a stable line-up was formed in 2019, when Ivan Kolev (drums), Mirela Kaneva (vocals) and Ani Dimitrova (guitars) joined. Meanwhile, Deadscape became an active part of the Bulgarian scene, sharing the stage with a number of fellow metal acts. In 2020, the outfit released a self-produced 4-song demo EP, which was praised by local and international media, and finally allowed the band’s name to start getting recognizable. Deadscape spent the COVID pandemic in the studio, putting the finishing touches to and recording what was to be their debut album. The record, “Of The Deepest Shade”, was mixed and mastered by the world-renowned producer Dan Swanö in Unisound, Sweden. After a solid digital campaign, the album finally appeared on January 14th, 2022. The release was followed by a club tour within Bulgaria, and by performances at almost all of the biggest local summer festivals. Later the band was also selected as an opening act for names such as Draconian, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Omnium Gatherum, Kataklysm, Soilwork, Bullet For My Valentine. In 2023 Deadscape became a 6-piece with the addition of Edgar Monreal as keyboardist and second clean vocalist.